A Better Approach to Infusion Care
BioScrip® brings together a collaborative team and information to offer unique perspectives, insights, and truly informed accounts of what’s happening with your patients before, during, and after their infusion therapy.
At BioScrip, we live and work by two simple words: “We’re there.” For patients, we’re in their homes, by their sides, helping them get the individualized therapy they require and the attention they deserve. For providers, we’re your “eyes and ears” on the ground, monitoring progress, exchanging critical patient details, and saving you time.
Treating Hemophilia: Compassion. Expertise. Convenience.
We provide customized, convenient hemophilia infusion therapies so you can enjoy a full, active life. As a nationwide leader in infusion therapy and clinical management services, we treat hemophilia based on each patient's personal needs, medical condition, and individual therapy regimen.
Our goal is to provide exceptional service to you, your family, and caregivers. To effectively manage hemophilia, your physician may order factor replacement/coagulation infusion therapy, as well as additional products or services to support your care.
We implement personalized therapy program based on your doctor's instructions and administer treatment in the comfort and convenience of your home, doctor's office, or one of our ambulatory infusion centers.
Proven Experience in Hemophilia Care
With nearly 30 years of accomplished expertise in clinical Infusion Therapy BioScrip is your in-clinic or in-home resource for hemophilia care.
Here are some of our qualifications and capabilities:
  • ACHC accredited provider
  • Approved Hemophilia provider by the Hemophilia Association of New Jersey, New Jersey State and the Delaware Valley Hemophilia Association
  • More than 70 points of service with reach in all 50 states
  • Hemophilia-trained pharmacists on staff
  • State-of-the-art IV compounding facility offering a complete spectrum of product concentrations
  • Infusion therapy administered by skilled registered nurses
  • 24/7 on-call nursing and pharmacy services
  • 24/7 emergency product/assay availability
  • Same day delivery available in some states
Specialized Nursing Care
BioScrip's experienced, registered nursing staff specializes in the latest hemophilia medications and home infusion techniques.
Our qualifications and capabilities include:
  • Nurse care planning with treatment centers
  • Continuity of care with same nurse available for consecutive treatments
  • Comprehensive nursing assessments and reviews
  • Expertise with specialized line and catheter placement/maintenance
  • Pediatric nurses available
  • Counseling on hemophilia treatment and medications by our nurses and pharmacists
  • Extensive educational resources to help you and your family understand hemophilia
BioScrip is sensitive to the questions, complications and paperwork that arise with insurance-especially when dealing with important health concerns. You can rely on us to help coordinate your benefits and resolve issues.
We provide:
  • A Reimbursement Team to handle authorizations, billing and collections
  • Expertise in available coverage, plan limits and billing issues with many insurance companies
  • Medicaid-assistance support available
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